Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hiding behind the tree, hoping you won't see me

Because in life, too many people try to tell you what they think is right, and you feel obliged to pretend to agree or nod at what they say although you never asked for their opinions. As they rattle on and on about shits that nobody cares about anymore, we smile and listen, hoping they would finally notice the sweetest silence in our eyes.

We all have our own uniquely odd way to twirl in the mist. Every morning when we open our eyes, we breathe and try to do our best at whatever we are good at, we do things that make us happy. Some people think the best way to have fun is to go wild and swallow down the expensive alcohol the bartender makes and scream through the noisy music (been there done that, meh it's not for me).

I am a big nerd, probably the king of them. Working with kids is my best way to have fun, I spent my public holiday flipping through pages of physiology book because I want to be good at what I do. Or a sad movie, I like sad movie. Steven said I shouldn't mix up my work with my personal life. I didn't tell him this, but my work is personal, when parents allow you to treat their precious children, when patients trust you to extract every tooth in their mouth, mobile or not, it's personal to me. Seeing them walk down the dental chair with gratitude and relief, it's personal to me. Seeing them crying and screaming on the dentail chair, it's personal to me.
I open my eyes in the morning and realise, I am more of a Izzie Steven less of Cristina Yang. And I take pride in that.

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